Set Goals, Demolish them

I'm Nicole, 20 years old, canadian,SAF bikini model, artist, weight lifter, Wonder Woman obsessed, animal lover


If you want knowledge, be knowledgeable 
If you want transparency, be transparent
If you want confidence, be confident
If you want success, be successful 
If you want certainty, be certain

If you want honesty, be honest
If you want peace, be peaceful 
If you want trust, be trusting
If you want truth, be truthful
if you want wisdom, be wise
If you want love, be loving
If you want joy, be joyful

It’s not what we want in life that brings us happiness, it’s what we are being … So, are you being what you want?
JUst because it made me laugh so hard this morning. 

JUst because it made me laugh so hard this morning.