Set Goals, Demolish them

Jesus is all I want and need...and fitness ;)


Questioning everything we’ve ever been.

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I gotta watch what I eat…haha

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Calisthenics are my new addictions

Is it just me or do people like it better when they see a female body builder who doesn’t have enhanced boobs. Like get out of here. It’s probably just me.

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Okay, had one terrible week of just junk food, and yes my abs are mostly gone. But you know what? I don’t want to live a life where I’m constantly, worrying about aesthetics and just worry more about my health. My competition is over so now it’s just to focus on my health and having fun!

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Almost ready for my first ever bikini competition!

Almost ready for my first ever bikini competition!

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I wanted my boyfriend to get a Job cause he was getting so depressed about not being able to do anything. He gets a job and it’s the grave yard shift at Tim Hortons and now I barely get to see him. I feel like my heart is breaking, and he’s planning to move soon and I have to stay behind for a little while. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO LONG DISTANCE???? Ugh, we’re in the same city and I still don’t see him, how am I going to feel when he’s gone. This is so lame. I’m a whiner. Bye

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My only fear is that someday you won’t love me the same…

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I’ve eaten so much junk food this weekend #noregrets

Ps. I’ve been doing cross fit training and it’s amazing!!! Last night I cleaned and pressed 101 lbs over my head! And I have a body weight of 106 lbs :) I’m so happy with myself.