Set Goals, Demolish them
I'm Nicole, 20 years old,. Avid runner


My only fear is that someday you won’t love me the same…

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I’ve eaten so much junk food this weekend #noregrets

Ps. I’ve been doing cross fit training and it’s amazing!!! Last night I cleaned and pressed 101 lbs over my head! And I have a body weight of 106 lbs :) I’m so happy with myself.

Hey guys! Haven’t been blogging much because I’ve been SO busy! I’ve been training for my fitness competition (which is a kick in the ass!) while also working and doing my side job which is art commissions! I’m a busy, busy girl! Thanks for sticking around. I’ll try to blog as much as I can. Much love :)

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Crossfit workouts are a kick in the ass

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There’s always that one person you’ll never forget…and I opened my big fat mouth and told you.

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Is it bad that I’d rather go in mission trips than go to school? I would much rather help someone and see their smile than to go after my own things…

GUYS, I now have my personal trainer for the fitness competition AND I did cross fit training last night. SO FREAKING FUN. I deadlifted 115lbs for the first time ever and did rope climbing and made it all the way to the top! Ugh I’m so happy with myself. Never ever underestimate yourself, you meet know what you will be able to accomplish unless you really go out there and try! :)

I’m registering for a bikini fitness competition, hahaha. Can’t wait to cross it off my bucket list :)

Well, tonight was awkward.

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